Find New Roads: A New Journey for Chevy

Find New Roads: A New Journey for Chevy

ChevyChevrolet is no longer just an American brand and they needed a new tag line to reflect their new journey into the global market.  Find New Roads will be the new Chevy tag line in a global advertising campaign in over 140 markets.

Mary Barra, Senior Vice President of Global Product Development, had this to say about the new tag line, “Find New Roads embraces the spirit of ingenuity that has been in Chevrolet’s DNA since the beginning and it will continue to guide every aspect of our business moving forward.”  Find New Roads will not only be used to entice buyers, but also as a corporate mantra to help guide the company.

This tag line marks the alignment of Chevrolet behind one global vision.  Find New Roads signifies the new journey Chevrolet is taking as a company and they hope customers are ready to do the same.  To learn more about Chevrolet cars and trucks, visit our Ashland dealership in person or online at

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