Cadillac’s Super Cruise Driving System Advances to Next Stage of Development

Cadillac’s Super Cruise Driving System Advances to Next Stage of Development

Cadillac Super CruiseIf you are accustomed to frequent road trips or do a lot of highway driving on your daily commutes, you’ve probably experienced the convenience of using cruise control in your vehicle at one point or another. The innovative minds at Cadillac are working to make cruise control even more convenient than it already is with a semi-automated driving system. Dubbed ‘Super Cruise’, this semi-automated driving system is now advancing to real-world driving assessments and Cadillac says it could be available in production models later this decade.

Cruise control relieves the workload of freeway driving by allowing drivers to remove their feet from the gas pedal while the vehicle is kept at a constant speed. Beyond this, Super Cruise capabilities include hands-off lane following, braking and speed control under certain driving conditions. This semi-automated driving system is designed for use on freeways only. Test vehicles for Super Cruise are equipped with a mix of radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and GPS map data. Even with all of this, the driver’s attention is still required as limitations such as weather, traffic, and visibility of lane markings can be unpredictable.

“Super Cruise is designed to give the driver the ability of hands-free driving when the system determines it is safe to do so,” said John Capp, GM director of Global Active Safety Electronics and Innovation. “Before we introduce this capability on a production vehicle we must put the system through rigorous testing and technology refinement.”

Several of the advanced safety features used as the building blocks of Super Cruise are available now on the 2013 Cadillac ATS and XTS sedans. Visit our Ashland dealership to experience them today!

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