GM Foundation Supports Safe Kids Worldwide

GM Foundation Supports Safe Kids Worldwide

GM Foundation Heatstroke PreventionFor many people, summertime means family vacations, pool days, and lots of fun in the sun. What’s not-so-fun are the rising temperatures that lead to increased risks of child injuries due to heatstroke from being left in a hot car. To help bring this issue to light, the GM Foundation is donating $200,000 to Safe Kids Worldwide to support the Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car heatstroke prevention campaign.

“We are committed to raising awareness regarding how dangerous a car can become for a child left alone in a vehicle for even a few short minutes,” said Mike Robinson, GM vice president of Sustainability and Global Regulatory affairs and member of the GM Foundation board of directors. “Passenger safety is a priority for our company and we’re proud to partner with Safe Kids to help save lives and prevent injuries.”

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, over 35 children on average per year have lost their lives because of heatstroke since 1998. Would it surprise you to learn that on an 80 degree day, the interior of your car is capable of reaching a temperature of 100 degrees or more in just 10 minutes? Even with the windows cracked, proper air circulation cannot take place quickly enough to cool this temperature. Even if you plan a “quick trip” of running into the bank or stopping at the grocery just to grab a gallon of milk and think it may be easier to just leave you child in the car for those few minutes, it is definitely worth the hassle you may endure from unbuckling car seats and carrying your children inside a store with you. You could get held up in a checkout line or think of a few more items to grab and unintentionally leave your child in a car for far longer than you had planned.

“Even one death is too many, so we are grateful to have support from the GM Foundation to raise awareness about heatstroke prevention,” said Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide. “By partnering with NHTSA for ‘National Heatstroke Awareness Day,’ we hope to reach parents and caregivers across the nation and put a stop to these tragic losses.”

At Bill Harris Auto Center, your family’s safety is a top priority to us. For more driving and safety tips, visit our Ashland, OH dealership in person, or read some of our other blog entries.

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