Helpful Pointers For End-of-Summer Trailering

Helpful Pointers For End-of-Summer Trailering

Trailering TipsSummer is winding down, which means it’s the perfect time to throw the tarp off of the boat and drag it out to the lake or pile the family into the camper for a weekend under the stars.  The benefit of undertaking these excursions at the end of summer is more available space, more room to breathe, less crowds, and less hassle.

But what about getting there?

Unfortunately, that part never gets easier, and many families struggle when it comes to hauling their toys with them on their getaways.  Maneuvering a vehicle that has an unwieldy speedboat or a bulky camper trailing behind can be a primary source of headaches.  Fortunately, your friends here at Bill Harris have some tips for you intrepid explorers out there to get you from point A to point B and back again.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a convenient list of safety tips for ‘trailering’ needs.  First and foremost, they suggest you practice driving with your attachment before actually embarking on the trip.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  You wouldn’t hit the highway in your first car before you practiced driving between cones in a parking lot any more than you would chance taking an extra ton or two of view obfuscating goodness into a traffic situation before allowing yourself to become totally comfortable with it.

Speaking of weight, the NHTSA also recommends plotting out your journey to stay mindful of toll roads and restrictive access, as well as low-hanging tunnels and bridges.  HowStuffWorks also recommends an obvious step that, surprisingly, many seem to ignore: know exactly what the allowable payload capability of your vehicle is before you risk breaking something really expensive.

Furthermore, AllState reminds drivers to keep mindful of an even weight distribution to prevent tipping and keep everything in balance.

These sources also provide general tips to ensure safe driving conditions for you and your family.  The NHTSA list provides advice for handling (avoid sudden stops, make wider turns), braking (allow more distance, anticipate needed slowing speed), and passing (give advance signaling, only pass on level surfaces) to make your end-of-summer trip a little bit safer.  And while you’re on your way out there to experience the wild outdoors, stop over and see us at Bill Harris Auto Center!

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