2013 To Be Last Model Year for Chevy Avalanche

2013 To Be Last Model Year for Chevy Avalanche

Since being introduced in 2001, the Chevrolet Avalanche has been the most innovative truck/SUV combinations for over a decade. However, as the popularity of this one of a kind vehicle has dropped over the years, GM has decided that 2013 will be the last model year for the Avalanche.

General Motor’s innovative Midgate, the Avalanche’s signature feature, offers the cargo versatility of a long-bed pickup truck with five-passenger comfort. During the height of the Avalanche’s popularity, nearly 100,000 units were sold per year. By 2011, sales of the unique vehicle fell to just 20,088 units. A big reason for this was because drivers began seeking smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles as opposed to full-size SUVs.

The 2013 Avalanche Black Diamond Edition is intended to commemorate the final year of this bold truck/SUV combination. Cadillac has not yet announced plans for the Avalanche’s high-end Cadillac Escalade EXT sibling, but by all indications it will reach the end of line soon as well.

Chevrolet Avalanche

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