Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care TipsWith winter furiously approaching, Bill Harris Auto Center would like to remind everyone about the importance of vehicle maintenance and taking precautions while braving the roads in the cold. There are plenty of special events we all want to enjoy, but it is vital that we have a way to get there!


Here are five winter car care tips to keep your vehicle running efficiently this winter:


  1. Replace filters. No one wants to burn more fuel than required, especially with the prices! Air, fuel, and PCV filters should be changed.
  2. Check your transmission. The only time we usually service our transmission is when something is horribly wrong. Let this be the year we change this habit and have it checked.
  3. Winter tires. Ohio winters are unkind winters that are mercurial in nature. Winter tires have more tread and can still deliver a quiet drive. Don’t get caught off guard.
  4. Tire Pressure. It’s been awhile since our elementary science classes, but one thing that stuck out is when temperatures drop so does tire pressure. Make sure the spare is also checked.
  5. Survival Kit. Even with the most careful maintenance on a car, there’s always a chance you could still become stranded. A survival kit with a thermal blanket, lighter, whistle, and metal cup for melting snow is a must.


As the shopping, holiday concerts, and other festivities begin, Bill Harris Auto Center hopes everyone stays safe heading into this winter.

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