Go Green with Bill Harris Auto Center

Go Green with Bill Harris Auto Center

Go GreenWhen you hear the phrase “going green”, you typically think about ways you can help protect and improve the land, water, and air. Going green is often associated with recycling, living an eco-friendly life, or driving an electric vehicle. At Bill Harris Auto Center, we invite you to “go green” with us in a much different way.

Go Green with us by entering our “Who Goes the Greenest” photo contest for St. Patrick’s Day! Simply take a photo of yourself decked out in much green as you can find and submit it under our contest application on the Bill Harris Dealerships Facebook page. Get whatever you can find: green clothing, face paint, wigs, accessories, etc. After you submit your photo, get your family and friends to vote for it. The photo with the most votes at 2:00 PM EST on Friday, March 14th will win a $75 gift certificate to O’Bryan’s Pub PLUS a reserved table for the St. Patrick’s celebration at O’Bryan’s! It’s that easy; just submit a photo and collect the most votes.

For more information visit our Facebook page or our dealership in person at 2245 Claremont Ave. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page when the contest ends just after 2:00 PM EST on March 14, 2014. Check back with us around this time to see if that lucky winner is you!

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