Celebrate Military Appreciation Month with a Special Discount

Celebrate Military Appreciation Month with a Special Discount

GM Military DiscountAll year round we appreciate the sacrifices willingly given by our military members and their families. But in May especially, we like to take the opportunity to say thank you as we celebrate Military Appreciation Month with a special discount.

Military members – active, reserve, retired, veteran – and their spouses are eligible for the GM Military Discount, now through June 30.

Members of the USAA may also qualify for an additional $750 off their purchase or lease of a 2014 GM vehicle.

“GM has supported the U.S. military for 100 years. From providing purpose-built vehicles in conflict situations to today’s support for veterans and returning military personnel, we continue to be their strong allies,” said Steve Hill, GM’s VP of U.S. Sales and Service. “This discount is just one part of our ongoing salute to those who serve our country.”

In addition, General Motors is dedicated to honoring U.S. service members through continued patronage of various initiatives and organizations like the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans.

“Our support also includes significant employment and training opportunities for our currently transitioning military and significant philanthropic support for organizations dedicated to serving those who have sacrificed so much,” retired Navy Capt. and GM Chief Diversity Officer Ken Barrett said.

For more information on the cost of your new vehicle with the GM Military Discount, contact us at Bill Harris Auto Center today. It would be our pleasure to serve you this time.

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