Stick Figure Decals: How They Put Your Family at Risk

Stick Figure Decals: How They Put Your Family at Risk

We’ve all seen them, those family stick figure decals that decorate the back windows of so many cars. Do you have one on your back window? If so, you might be giving out a little too much information by sticking those innocent little figures to your car.

These stickers have become rather detailed over the years showing which activities your kids participate in, what kinds of pets you have, and some even include names. While on its own this may not seem like a problem, combine it with any other information your car might give away, such as parking passes, school or team bumper stickers, and more, and it becomes a treasure trove of information that criminals can use.

All a potential criminal would need to know is what team young Johnny plays football for and then gauge what time the house will mostly likely be empty with the family attending the football game. Because of all of this readily-accessible information, law enforcement agencies across the country are advising drivers to remove the decals and any other identifying information from their cars.

Here at the Bill Harris Auto Center we encourage you to follow this advice to keep potential criminals at bay.

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