Back to School Driving Tips for Teens, Parents, and Teachers

Back to School Driving Tips for Teens, Parents, and Teachers

Kids a classroom

With school starting back up, drivers are going to be sharing the road with a lot more people—pedestrians, young children, bicyclists, bus drivers, carpoolers, and more. If you’re driving to school in the morning, follow these back to school driving tips for a safe morning commute all school year.

If you’re a parent dropping your kid off, find out the drop-off procedures for the school, as they usually involve specific locations and directions. Don’t double park or drop your kids off across the street from the school—pull up to the curb to let your kids out safely. More kids are hit by cars near schools every year than anywhere else!

Follow instructions from patrol officers, and make sure you’re not covering crosswalks and making students walk around you and into traffic. When driving behind or near school buses, follow all bus safety laws. Stop when the bus puts its stop sign out, and be careful that there are no children around before you start driving again.

There will also be kids riding bikes to school, so be careful of them as well. It’s easy for bicycles to get pushed by the momentum of a car, so keep your distance from them, pass them very slowly if you need to and leave plenty of space, and give them the right of way. Don’t always expect them to signal—especially kids and teenagers.

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Have a great, safe year!

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