2014 Chevy Impala Will Put An End to Front Bench Seat

2014 Chevy Impala Will Put An End to Front Bench Seat

Chevy front bench seatsSay goodbye to automobile staple that has been around since the days of horseless carriages. The 2013 Impala is the last North American passenger car to offer a front bench seat with three-across front seating. The arrival of the new 2014 Chevrolet Impala next year will put an end to front bench seat.

Bucket seats in the front of a vehicle set the precedent for many of today’s car shoppers. This transition away from the front bench seat was expected as only about one in ten Impala buyers last year chose the option for their cars.

“A lot of people prefer bucket seats because they’re sporty, even in models that aren’t sports cars,” said Clay Dean, GM director of design. “Our customers also appreciate having the center console as a convenient place to store their phone and other personal items.”

Front bench seats will still be available in Chevrolet pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, but this will mark the end of an era in the front beach seat is passenger cars. The front bench seat has been a feature offered on Chevy vehicles since the first Chevrolet ever manufactured in 1911.

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