#Keys4Needs Program is for People Who Need Reliable Transportation

#Keys4Needs Program is for People Who Need Reliable Transportation

Keys4Needs Program Vehicle in Ashland, OH
Grand Caravan Prize

Keys4Needs Program

Many families and individuals are working hard, trying their best just to get through the week. It’s hard enough just trying to afford all the responsibilities that come with everyday life. But we at Bill Harris GM know how hard it can be for drivers who need reliable transportation but don’t quite have room in the budget for a new car. That’s why we introduced the #Key4Needs program in 2016 and are bringing it back this year – to give hard-working people who have fallen on hard times the transportation necessary to get to their jobs, to pick up their kids from school, run errands, and any other necessity that comes with life.

How It Works

Here’s how it works: the #Keys4Needs program happens on our own dealership Facebook page. Nominations opened in March and will close on May 22nd, 2017. During this time, people can nominate families, individuals, and themselves. Following the closing time, voting opens the next day on May 23 and continues through July 9th, during which time people will be permitted to vote for the family or person they feel is most deserving. Voting does not account for everything, however; the top five will all have a shot at winning the prize.

2017 Prize

If you or someone you know may need reliable transportation, don’t hesitate to enter or nominate someone. The prize for 2017 will be a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. We look forward to another year of assisting those in need during the 2017 #Keys4Needs program, so please keep an eye out for more details on our Facebook page!

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