5 Truck Bed Uses for Your Chevy Silverado Besides Moving Stuff

5 Truck Bed Uses for Your Chevy Silverado Besides Moving Stuff

Wondering how to justify buying a Chevrolet Silverado when you’re not sure what to do with the truck bed besides moving stuff? There’s lots of truck bed uses – check ‘em out below!

One Word: Tailgating

This is an easy one. Lots of people use their trucks for tailgating every year. Bring along a grill, some nice tunes, and chairs, and anywhere becomes the party HQ.

Join Local Parades

There’s something outlandishly fun about decorating your Chevrolet Silverado and taking it for a spin in a local parade. It’s easy to load up the truck bed with your friends, too. Remember to smile and wave!

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Camping Without the Bugs

Good news – there are “truck tents,” tents specifically made to fit in the bed of a truck. These makes it easier than ever to camp, since you can just nest in the bed of your Silverado instead of on the ground.

Portable Picnic Table

This one’s a bit of a novelty. It requires some plywood that fits in your truck bed and two support pieces that you can hook over the sides, but that’s about it. Have a picnic anywhere!

The Biggest Cooler Ever

It’s easy to transform your Silverado into a giant cooler. Just buy tons of ice, fill up the truck bed, and voila! You’ve got the biggest beer cooler anybody’s ever seen.

If you want to try out a few of these cool truck bed uses, head to Bill Harris GM today and we can hook you up with a Chevy Silverado.

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