How to Safely Transport a Christmas Tree

How to Safely Transport a Christmas Tree

transport a Christmas treeDo you prefer the scent and environmental benefits of using a real Christmas tree over an artificial one? Then make sure you know how to safely transport that Christmas tree in your Chevy, Buick, or Cadillac SUV or truck — you can also do it with a smaller car, but if you have access to a truck or SUV, we highly recommend it.

  • Measure your space: If you are in a new house or have never bought a live tree, measure out the space you intend to put it. You don’t want to transport a Christmas tree home that won’t even fit in your living room.
  • Bring a blanket or tarp: Most Christmas tree farms sell their trees in netting to keep the branches bundled during transport. Just in case — or as an added layer of protection — bring along a tarp or blanket to wrap it in after first shaking loose any pine needles.
  • Drive stump-first: When loading the tree atop your car, put the stump end at the front to reduce drag on your vehicle and prevent wind damage. Even if placing in your pickup truck bed, follow this guidance.
  • Tie it down safely: On SUVs, simply tie down the tree using roof racks. You should also use tie downs in a pickup truck bed. If driving in a car or SUV without roof racks, tie the tree down with ropes through open car doors, not windows.

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