New Year’s Resolutions for Safer Driving

New Year’s Resolutions for Safer Driving

New Year’s Resolutions for Safer Driving

The start of a new year presents the opportunity to get a fresh start and take up good new habits. If you want to become a better and safer driver in 2019, there are several steps you can take to do so.

Don’t give in to road rage

The temptation to yield to anger on the road can be great at times, especially if you’re already feeling stressed about something else. Try to avoid road-rage behaviors like honking your horn, cutting off other drivers, speeding, or driving erratically. Exercise patience behind the wheel; if necessary, take time before your drive to calm yourself with breathing exercises.

Don’t drive distracted

You spend a lot of your time looking at your smartphone, but the one place you should never do it is behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Distracted driving is a significant contributor to accidents on the road, so your best bet is to put your phone somewhere you can’t see it or turn it off altogether.

Give yourself more time

One of the most common situations that can lead to stressed driving or fiddling with your phone is running late. To avoid having to call your boss on the highway or hit higher speeds to make an appointment, try to start leaving and extra 10-15 minutes early every day. This means that you’ll not only get to where you’re going with time to spare, but it can help offset any time you might lose if traffic isn’t what you expect.

These habits are just some of the ways that you can become a better driver in 2019. For more tips and tricks, stop into Bill Harris GM.

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