Chevy Silverado: It Makes (Dollars and) Cents

Chevy Silverado: It Makes (Dollars and) Cents

2013 SilveradoFor all of you who already own a Chevy Silverado, or for anyone in the market for a new pickup, Bill Harris GM has some exciting news. The Silverado—every single model, including the 1500, the 2500, and the 3500—has been recognized by Vincentric as having the lowest cost of ownership of any full-size pickup truck.

The Vincentric lowest cost of ownership award takes several factors into account, such as the cost of insurance, maintenance, durability, and fuel. The Silverado exceeds the competition in all categories, making it America’s best-loved pickup. Vincentric also considers warranty coverage, which further sets the Silverado apart with its powertrain warranty of five years or 100,000 miles, which is 40,000 more miles than you’ll get with Ford.

For anyone thinking of getting behind the wheel of an all-new Silverado, Bill Harris GM has plenty to go around. Stop by today and take one out for a spin!

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