Car-Related Gifts for Mother’s Day

Car-Related Gifts for Mother’s Day

car-related gifts for mother’s day

Although most mothers will enjoy whatever you get for them this Mother’s Day, it’s always a good idea to get them something that makes their lives easier every day of the year. Something that fits perfectly within this category is a car-related gift, as such gifts are both practical and fun. Here are a few car-related gifts we recommend for Mother’s Day.

  • Remote Start Kit: The Chevrolet Remote Start Kit provides convenience: It will remotely start your parked vehicle, pre-warm or pre-cool your vehicle’s interior, and easily integrates with your keyless entry system. This system guarantees that your mom will be comfortable whenever she gets into her vehicle.
  • Head-Up Display: This cutting-edge tech is fun and functional, as it projects pertinent driving information like speed and GPS navigation directions in front of — or directly on — the windshield, enhancing the driver’s safety and ease on the road. If your mom already has a rear backup camera, this is the next best tech upgrade.
  • Smart Car Charger with Car Finder: If your mom regularly forgets where exactly she parked her car in a parking lot, this small gadget will make a good-humored gift and makes it so she never has to wander around looking for her car again. It works like a standard car charger, plugging into a lighter socket, and sends a tracking signal that the user can view in the device’s app.

If you need some tips for a memorable car-related Mother’s Day gift, stop into Bill Harris GM. From accessories to an all-new vehicle, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

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