Chevrolet Marketplace Adds Domino’s® for Easy Pizza Ordering on the Go

Chevrolet Marketplace Adds Domino’s® for Easy Pizza Ordering on the Go

Chevrolet Marketplace adds Domino’s

Chevrolet Marketplace is the auto industry’s first in-vehicle commerce platform, giving drivers easy access to their favorite stores and restaurants while on the go. This past June, Chevrolet added Domino’s® to the platform, which means that Chevy drivers can now order pizza directly from their vehicle’s touchscreen display. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or are getting dinner for the family, this new feature makes for easy in-vehicle pizza-ordering, and you can choose either carryout or delivery.

In Chevrolet Marketplace, ordering from Domino’s® is remarkably simple. Here are the steps:

  • Set up a free Pizza Profile with Domino’s®: Either on the Domino’s® website or using the mobile app, set up a Pizza Profile. You can enter your preferred store, your delivery address, your payment information, and your favorite order.
  • Enter Domino’s® through Chevrolet Marketplace: Once you’ve set up a profile, it only takes a few clicks on Chevy’s infotainment display to order pizza. Simply select the pizza order you’d like to place (either a saved favorite order or a recent order) and choose carryout or delivery.

Luckily for Ashland residents, there’s a Domino’s® Pizza in Ashland near Ashland University. If you have a properly equipped Chevy vehicle from the 2017 model year or newer, Chevrolet Marketplace is available to you.

If you’re looking for a ride that’s every bit as hot as a fresh slice of pizza, look no further than Bill Harris GM.

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