5 Reasons to be an Automotive Technician at Bill Harris Dealerships

5 Reasons to be an Automotive Technician at Bill Harris Dealerships

5 Reasons to be an Automotive Technician at Bill Harris Dealerships | Ashland, OH

Being an automotive technician is a highly rewarding career, one that gives automotive-lovers an outlet for their passion and provides a them a very good living. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself passionate about cars, this career is for anyone who enjoys mechanical systems and working with their hands. There are many benefits to being an automotive technician at Bill Harris Auto Center – check out the top 5 below.

  1. Great Benefits and Pay

Our technicians earn highly competitive wages. Our top techs earn $30+/hour with a bonus plan that allows them to earn more as they turn more. This enables our technicians to support their families and achieve their financial dreams. On top of that, we offer an array of benefits. Our employees are covered by an affordable health insurance plan (choice of HSA or traditional) with additional options of dental, vision, accident, disability, life, hospital indemnity, and cancer insurance. As a family-oriented dealership, we value time spent with family. We offer paid time off as well as paid holidays, and we are never open on Sundays. As for retirement, we’ve got you covered with a SIMPLE IRA plan that the company contributes to.

  1. Work Perks

Not every shop lets you use their equipment to work on your own vehicles, but we do. We know not everyone has a lift in their garage, so our techs can use our lifts and equipment for work on their own vehicles (or their spouse’s). You will see nearly every Saturday someone bringing in their own vehicle to work on or clean in the detailing bays. Need parts? Our parts departments have you covered with our employee discount. Need a new car altogether? We’ve got fantastic employee discounts through the manufacturers.

  1. Career Growth

Being a technician involves a lot of learning and know-how. It takes years to become a master-level technician, and there is always something new to learn. We pride ourselves on having top certified technicians, and we’ll pay for you to get there. We provide cutting-edge training from the manufacturers, and the hands-on opportunity to put your learning into play. As you excel, you can be recognized regionally and nationally by the manufacturers, which also comes with monetary rewards. You will also become a more well-rounded person as you learn aspects of multiple trades, from electrical, mechanical, and hydraulics.

  1. Work With Friends

Our shops have an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. Some of the best friendships are made with fellow technicians. And it’s not all just about the fun. Our experienced technicians are always willing to train and mentor up-and-coming technicians. Everyone is always willing to stop what they’re doing to help you out. And when we face big challenges and goals, the team pulls together to get things accomplished. Teamwork truly does make the dream work.

  1. We Are Distinctively Different

Our tagline is “The Distinctively Different Dealership.” We are committed to the highest level of integrity at every level of the company. Our technicians recommend only what a customer needs or would benefit from having. We are not motivated to sell, sell, sell – but rather to serve, serve, serve. Our Core Values dictate that we operate at a higher moral standard. We openly support Christian values (though you don’t have to be a Christian to work here). As a technician, you will never be asked to compromise your integrity.

Whether you are a master certified tech, or someone who dreams of becoming a tech, we want to talk with you. Submit your application today at www.billharrisauto.com/careers.

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