Important Vehicle Maintenance for When You’re Driving less

Important Vehicle Maintenance for When You’re Driving less

There are tons of reasons you may be driving less than normal — maybe you’re taking an extended trip to see family for the holidays, or maybe you recently moved to a work-from-home setup. Regardless of the reason, leaving your car to sit idle poses some unique threats to your vehicle’s health. Here are a few important maintenance tips to protect your vehicle when it’s idle for long periods.

Park carefully

If you’re planning to leave your car in the same place for a while, it’s crucial that you choose your spot wisely. Try to avoid parking anywhere branches or nuts could fall and dent the body, and if possible, find an indoor storage solution so you can avoid the scourge of bird droppings. Experts also recommend leaving the parking brake off, as leaving it engaged for a long time can damage the brake pads and rotors.

Wax the body

One of the easiest ways to extend your vehicle’s life is to apply a wax coating to the exterior. This will protect the paint job from dust, bird droppings and other damaging elements. It will also safeguard your car against winter-specific concerns like road salt, which can contribute to rust.

Examine belts and hoses

Before you put your car away for the foreseeable future, it’s a good idea to give your engine belts and fuel lines a once-over to check for damage, as they will slowly break down over time. This is especially important during Ashland and Ohio’s famously unpredictable winters, where cold temperatures will accelerate the deterioration process.

For more tips on how to take care of your vehicle while it sits still, don’t hesitate to contact the service experts at Bill Harris Auto Center.

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