5 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Try in 2021

5 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Try in 2021

Valentine’s Day this year may not be the usual if you typically go out for a nice dinner or take in a movie with your partner. Fortunately, you can find ways to enjoy a romantic date night

Movie night

Just because you can’t go to the movies doesn’t mean you can’t do a movie night. Get a projector and a screen, hang it up on the side of your house or your garage, and have your own personal night at the drive-in. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Take a virtual class

Lots of communities are doing virtual classes for cooking, baking, cocktails, and more. Look around for something you and your partner are both interested in. Bonus points if it’s through a local nonprofit like the Humane Society.

Karaoke night

It’s not too expensive to get a home karaoke system online, and it can be a great way to cut loose and do something different for a night. Plus, it’s not in front of a crowd, so less stage fright jitters. If you don’t want to shell out for a karaoke machine, why not just have a singalong in the comfort of your Chevrolet?

Game night

Break out your favorite board game or try a new one out. But make sure it can be played with only two people if you’re going for date night. You can also try online party games for a double or triple date.

Indoor picnic

An outdoor picnic probably isn’t in the cards in February, but you can still make your favorite finger foods and have a cozy picnic date on the floor of your living room. Lay out a blanket and fill up your picnic basket with your treats for an authentic experience.

There are many more ideas for great at-home date nights to consider, and you’ll have even more potential with a new Chevrolet at your disposal. Make a date to check out our selection of great vehicles at Bill Harris Auto Center in Ashland, Ohio.

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