Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips

Car CareWith heavy snow, icy roads, and colder weather, winter has arrived in the Ashland area in full force! As you’re huddled up under layers of blankets near a warm fire, your car might not be the first thing on your mind. You take extra precautions for your health and safety during the winter, and your car needs a little extra TLC during the cold months as well. We’ve compiled a few winter car care tips to help you prepare for safer winter commutes:

Windshield Washer/Wipers – Worn out wiper blades are of no use when brushing off falling snow from your windshield. Experts recommend changing windshield wiper blades about every six months. As with any liquid, windshield washer fluid can freeze when temperatures drop. Make sure to keep your washer fluid full to decrease the chance of this happening.

Lights/Signals – Test all signal indicators and lights to ensure they are working properly. Properly functioning lights and signals will help other drivers be able to see your vehicle on the roadway during winter driving.

Tires– Between ice, snow, potholes, rain, and sleet, your tires face many obstacles during winter driving. Tires should be inspected for excessive wear. Worn out tires won’t provide traction to get you through these winter obstacles.

Battery – You may be surprised to learn that your car’s battery has 15% less starting power at 32 degrees than it does at 80 degrees. Your battery should be inspected by properly trained technicians before you find yourself stranded on a cold winter night.

The friendly and knowledge Service Department at Bill Harris Auto Center is ready and able to help with your winter car care needs. Visit us in Ashland, OH or online at for more information.

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