Chevy Reveals Redesigned 2022 Bolt EV and All-new Bolt EUV

Chevy Reveals Redesigned 2022 Bolt EV and All-new Bolt EUV

Chevy has revealed the all-new Bolt EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle), as well as a redesigned Bolt EV, both to be released with the 2022 model year. Both will be available this summer.

Since it was introduced in 2017, the Chevy Bolt EV hatchback has sold more than 100,000 units, according to Chevy. Boasting an all-electric range of 259 miles, the Bolt is the most affordable long-range EV on the market.

The upcoming 2022 Bolt EV will see updates to its front fascia and front and rear lighting. You’ll also see a new 10.2-inch touchscreen offered, along with wireless smartphone integration and more In-Vehicle Apps.

The new Bolt EUV shares a lot of features with the EV, but with EUV proportions, which means a more spacious cabin and more leg room. Like the Bolt EV, the EUV will come standard with a suite of active safety tech, standard wireless phone charging, and more.

The Bolt EUV is also the first Chevy vehicle to offer GM’s innovative Super Cruise hands-free driving system. Super Cruise uses several technologies including LiDAR map data, automatic steering and Lane Keep Assist for staying inside your lane, and a Driver Attention System to keep your eyes on the road.

Both the Bolt EV and the EUV will feature a new charging system with a Dual Level Charge Cord, standard on the EUV and available on the EV. This cord lets you switch between a standard 120-volt charger and a 240-volt one, so you don’t need to install special equipment at home.

The all-new Bolt EUV and redesigned Bolt EV represent the future of Chevrolet and GM vehicles. Get a closer look at the two cars at Bill Harris Auto Center when they arrive this summer!

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