3 Great Recipes for Cooking at Home in Ashland, OH

3 Great Recipes for Cooking at Home in Ashland, OH

At Bill Harris Auto Center, we love to eat out at great local restaurants like Uniontown Brewing Co. and Lyn-Way Restaurant. But, sometimes we prefer cooking at home with our family. We’ve picked three of our favorite easy-to-make dishes and want to share those recipes with you.

Honey garlic chicken

This recipe from Katerina on her blog Diethood is delicious! And even better, it only requires eight easy-to-find ingredients and the use of a slow cooker. Just put the raw chicken in the basin, mix up the sauce, pour it over the meat, and let it cook for the day. Your family will love the taste.

Turkey quinoa meatloaf

Another easy dish your whole family will enjoy, this recipe posted on The Modern Proper has been a hit with us — especially because it’s healthy! It uses two pounds of ground turkey, 1/3 cup of quinoa, and various seasonings and fillings. The result is a juicy, oven-baked meatloaf you can pair with any vegetable.

Ham and pineapple kabobs

A great meal for summer backyard picnics, you can make this meal on your grill with ease. By slicing and skewering ham and pineapple chunks, and then charring them over the fire, you’ll have a sweet main course you can serve over rice or eat on its own!

We hope you try these delicious meals and invite you to visit Bill Harris Auto Center afterward to browse our selection of new Chevrolet and Buick models.

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