Back-to-School Safe Driving Tips in Ashland, Ohio

Back-to-School Safe Driving Tips in Ashland, Ohio

It’s that time of year again — kids are headed back-to-school, and school buses are a common sight on your morning commute. To keep you and your fellow road users safe, refresh your memory with these back-to-school safe driving tips.

Know when to stop

Be aware that school buses and school zones may introduce unexpected stops to your daily drive. Keep an eye out for stop signs held by school patrol officers and crossing guards. Also, pay attention to school buses on the road — if the bus has an extended stop arm and flashing lights, stop and wait for the bus to complete its pick-up or drop-off.

Allow for space

The 10 feet around the school bus is the most dangerous for young pedestrians. To help them stay safe, give school buses a wide berth when stopping behind them. Don’t try to go around a stopped school bus. Also, bear in mind that kids may easily forget about road safety rules and behave unpredictably, so give them enough time and space when they’re crossing the street or boarding a school bus.

Be aware of school zones

Be aware of school zone schedules, keep an eye out for school zones, and reduce your speed when prompted. Keep in mind that not all school zones have flashing lights, so it pays to be mindful of where schools are located along your route.

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