Chevy Powers a Speedy Little Snail in the Upcoming Film Turbo

Chevy Powers a Speedy Little Snail in the Upcoming Film Turbo

Chevrolet CamaroAs one of the most anticipated films of the summer, Turbo is an animated tale about a snail with big dreams to compete in the world’s fastest race, the Indy 500. After an encounter with a Chevy Camaro, the little hero gets a taste for speed and is well on his way to achieving that dream. Chevrolet was proud to partner with DreamWorks to be a part of this film.

The Chevrolet design team collaborated with DreamWorks to create animated versions of the Camaro and Chevy-powered Indy cars for the film. The brand also created a special real-life replica of a custom Camaro featured in the animated movie.

“In a film about a slow snail who dreams of being fast, who better than Chevrolet to give our hero his first taste of high-speed driving on the open road?” said DreamWorks Animation’s Chief Marketing Officer Anne Globe. “Our relationship with Chevrolet both onscreen and at the Indy 500 is a natural fit that adds a layer of authenticity to this wild ride of a story.”

Be sure to catch Turbo when it races into theaters this July. For more information on the Camaro and the entire Chevy lineup, visit our Ashland dealership in person or online.

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