Chevy College Discount Gives Students Freedom

Chevy College Discount Gives Students Freedom

Chevy College DiscountThe day a teenager leaves for college is the day they gain their freedom. They no longer have to abide by their parents rules. They can stay up as long as they want, choose their own classes, and go out with friends on week nights. To make sure that these new college students have the funds to power their new-found freedom, the Chevy College Student Discount Program is there to lend a hand.

Whether you’re a current college student, a recent grad, or a current nursing school and graduate student, the Chevy college discount gives you the opportunity to save hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars on new eligible Chevrolet vehicles. Chevy has even increased the discount on eligible vehicles, allowing you to combine it with current incentives, including bonus cash, consumer cash, trade-in allowances, and owner loyalty offers.

If you’re looking for more information, feel free to check out the Chevy College Discount website here or stop by Bill Harris Auto Center!

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