On The Road Again: Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

On The Road Again: Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Summer is arguably the best season of the year. It is the perfect time to cut back, relax, and go on a hard earned vacation. Just because you may be traveling does not mean you have to leave your beloved pet at home. Why not make this summer’s vacation more memorable by bringing along your best friend. Traveling with your dog can be safe and enjoyable if you plan carefully and follow a few safety precautions.

Safety First

  • Make sure your dog is properly tagged with a collar and ID tag with your cell phone number.
  • Before you leave, locate emergency animal clinics along the way. It’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Securely fasten your dog properly in the car using a dog carrier or a dog seat belt. For everyone’s safety, it is important that your dog is not bouncing around the car should you brake or accelerate suddenly.
  • Never leave your dog unattended it a hot or cold car.

Things to Bring

  • Spill-proof water bowl
  • Regular food and food dish
  • A familiar toy
  • Medications
  • Something to secure your dog with when unsupervised
  • Something to chew on

Riding in the Car

  • Dogs can get carsick just like humans. However, unlike humans, dogs cannot tell you exactly how they feel. Watch for signs like drooling, trembling, or a hunched posture to indicate that your dog is uncomfortable in the car. Your local vet can tell you about different remedies.
  • If your dog seems fearful of the car, acclimate him over a period of a few weeks to prepare for you big road trip.
  • If your dog is overly excited in the car, consider stuffing a toy with food for distraction or crate training your dog in the time before your trip. If you don’t have time to crate train your dog or accidently forgot to, covering the crate with a blanket or towel can cut down on barking and excitement.

Extra Things to Think About

  • If you are booking a hotel even for just a night on the go, make sure the place you are staying allows dogs.
  • If you have been driving all day, your dog may have extra pent-up energy. Giving your dog a chance to stretch his legs, can make all the difference when it’s time to quiet down at night.
  • Having your dog’s favorite blanket, toy, bone, or anything familiar to him will comfort and relax him.

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