Buick Sees Increases in Consumer Satisfaction

Buick Sees Increases in Consumer Satisfaction

At Bill Harris Auto, we get happy when we see that you’re happy. Satisfied customers leaving the lot are the reason we do what we do. So, you can imagine our delight when a recent study found Buick customer satisfaction was on the rise.

Consumer Satisfaction - BuickNot only has Buick, along with Chevy, seen increases in consumer satisfaction in the 2014, but those two are the only car brands in the U.S. to see improvement, with the others either staying the same or decreasing.

The study from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) tracks and compares 21 brands of automobiles.  The ACSI asks 4,360 consumers about their overall satisfaction and their experiences with their brand.

The report says, “A considerable investment in Buick appears to be paying off for General Motors. Sales are up 12.5 percent for the first half of the year – the largest increase for any GM car – led by a surge in sales for Buick Encore.”

To see what everyone’s so happy about, come check out Bill Harris Auto. We’re sure you’ll leave satisfied.

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