New Chevy Website Lets You Build the Perfect Mid-Size Pickup

New Chevy Website Lets You Build the Perfect Mid-Size Pickup

2015 Chevy Colorado - Perfect Mid-size pickupThe 2015 Chevy Colorado is almost here; but before it arrives next season, you can get a head start on customizing your perfect mid-size pickup with the Build Your Own tool.

The tool is a website that takes you through the various packages and options available for the 2015 Colorado. Customization begins by selecting the best truck style for your needs and opting for the 2.5-liter engine or the 3.6-liter V6 paired with the manual or automatic transmission. Decisions, decisions.

Once you decide on the heart of the truck, you can select various equipment and accessories available for the Colorado. So many choices!

“Our truck lineup is all about giving truck buyers choice,” said Tony Johnson, marketing manager for the Colorado. “With the Build Your Own site, Colorado customers can equip their truck, request a quote from the dealer and even get a price on their trade-in.”

If you have any questions about getting your customized truck from Chevy’s website to your driveway, contact us here at Bill Harris Auto Center. We are happy to help make your perfect truck become a reality.

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