Consumer Reports Praise Buick Vehicle Reliability

Consumer Reports Praise Buick Vehicle Reliability

In the midst of recalls from numerous automotive companies, vehicle reliability has become more important than ever for the consumer. Buick vehicle reliability has been recognized. Buick recently excelled in a Consumer Reports ranking, rating 6th in reliability, the only domestic brand to place in the top ten. Not only did Buick vehicle reliability rate high overall, but every single vehicle Buick currently sells was marked above average.

Buick vehicle reliabilityInfotainment systems, such as touch screens, voice-recognition and other similar features caused owners the most trouble across the board, causing those cars to be ranked lower. Those problems are usually indicative of more in-depth issues within the vehicle.

Cadillac was rated as one of the most improved brands, but moved up to only the 18th spot. Chevrolet’s newly introduced models, however, caused them to fall, something Consumer Reports refers to as “teething pains.” Ratings are based on tests from the magazine itself as well as the opinions of readers.

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