Two GM Michigan Plants Receive $200 Million Investment

Two GM Michigan Plants Receive $200 Million Investment

In October at the Detroit Economic Club, General Motors CEO Mary Barra discussed the future of GM, promising a $300 million investment that will help further the American carmaker’s future. Now, we know where a large part of that investment will be going. GM recently made the announcement that two GM Michigan plants—Orion Assembly and Pontiac Metal Center— will be receiving a $200 million investment to prepare for a future vehicle program.

GM - GM Michigan Plants“Today’s announcement is a shot in the arm for these two terrific plants known for their teamwork and employee engagement,” said Cathy Cleg, GM North America Manufacturing vice president. “We’re committed to growing our brands and producing the highest-quality and safest vehicles for our customers.”

Orion Assembly will receive $160 million, allowing the plant to buy new tooling and equipment, while the remaining $40 million will help Pontiac purchase new dies. While there will be no new jobs created by this large investment, the money will help provide more for those who are currently working at the two plants.

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