Scientists Give Buick Commercials A Thumbs-Up

Scientists Give Buick Commercials A Thumbs-Up

Buick CommercialsSince this spring, our television viewing experience has been filled with “That’s not a Buick!” ads. Buick seems to be happy with the results, and scientists agree that they should be!

According to a recent report, Innerscope Research Inc. used a scientific technique called “consumer neuroscience.” This technique monitors activity in certain areas of the brain that are associated with processing positive or negative emotions.

What did they find? They lauded it as “one of the highest overall levels of emotional engagement” they have recorded. 50 participants volunteered to watch a 30-second Buick spot. As they were watching, Innerscope monitored their biometric signals: changes in heart rate, breathing patterns, and visual tracking. This all reflected “the respondents’ emotional response throughout the spot.”

The normal level for emotional engagement starts at about 65 points out of 100, however, the Buick commercial netted a rating of 80 and above. The Buick commercials showed incredible effectiveness.

Here at Bill Harris Auto Center, we are excited about the emotional connection viewers are making with our Buick commercials and know that if you come see us and test drive a Buick you’ll make that same emotional connection with our product.

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