Warren Buffett’s 2006 Cadillac Up for Auction

Warren Buffett’s 2006 Cadillac Up for Auction

Warren Buffett is not only known as one of the world’s richest people, but also as one of the most generous. He is currently putting his 2006 Cadillac DTS up for auction and will give all the proceeds of the sale to Girls Incorporated of Omaha. His wife was one of the founders of the Omaha chapter.

Warren Buffet's 2006 CadillacIn its current condition with only 20,310 miles, it would be worth about $12,000 if owned by you or me. But because it was a personal vehicle of Mr. Buffett himself and even has his signature on the glove compartment, it should go for a lot more than that.

The last time Buffett auctioned off one of his cars was in 2006. It was a Lincoln Town Car and sold for $70,000—nearly three times it ordinary value.

The DTS is equipped with a 275-horsepower V8 engine and has a comfortable, roomy interior with leather upholstery and heated and cooled seats. It also comes equipped with auto-dimming side mirrors, a parking sensor, and satellite radio.

As for the car’s history, Buffett told CNNMoney that no monumental business deals ever happened in the car, with one exception. Last year Buffett took General Motors CEO Mary Barra out to lunch in the Cadillac and asked her if a new Cadillac had anything his didn’t. Buffett said, “She only had eight minutes and she sold me a new car!” He ended up getting a Cadillac XTS last summer.

The online bidding for Warren Buffett’s 2006 Cadillac runs from February 11th through the 18th.

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