Bill Harris Auto Center Sponsors Local Youth Baseball League

Bill Harris Auto Center Sponsors Local Youth Baseball League

In case you missed all the commotion of the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby this past week, Chevrolet is the official sponsor of the MLB. The All-Star Weekend was full of Chevrolet Silverados and the MVP, Mike Trout, took one home! Chevrolet Baseball is a program that is not only part of the MLB, but it’s also part of our community. Chevy Baseball has been around for nine years and strives to initiate and establish a positive relationship between local dealerships and the communities they serve.

Chevrolet Baseball Program - Bill Harris Auto Center and Savannah Youth Summer League
Aaron Harris, Lulu and Jamie Andrews present the check to the Savannah Youth Summer League

This year Bill Harris Auto Center has selected the Savannah Youth League in Savannah, Ohio to sponsor for the Chevy Youth Baseball Program. Bill Harris Auto Center donated $500 to the league and was able to provide them with a set of baseball equipment! President of the Savannah Youth League Kevin Hickey said, “With being a non-profit organization, this type of gift has given the 360 plus kids something extra to look forward to. We couldn’t give this much pleasure to them without this program and generosity and outstanding organization of the dealership!”

Aaron Harris, new car sales manager of Bill Harris, said, “The core values of Bill Harris Auto Center call for us to participate with our community and to follow Jesus’ example by giving to others. It is especially rewarding to give to the children of our area, and for a small organization like the Savannah Youth League, the equipment and sponsorship money we were able to provide goes a long way.”

Bill Harris Auto Center is proud to be part of the Chevy Youth Baseball Program and help support youth sports in our community. The 2015 Chevy Youth Baseball Program will provide assistance to nearly 350 leagues in the Northeastern region. Chevrolet dealers across the region are anticipated to contribute over $600,000 in monetary and equipment donations.

To find out more about the Savannah Youth League or to catch a game this summer, visit their website or Like them on Facebook!

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