Some Of The Top Reasons You Might Get Pulled Over

Some Of The Top Reasons You Might Get Pulled Over

Top Reasons to Get Pulled OverNothing can ruin a perfectly good day like getting pulled over by the police. You are out for a night on the town and next thing you know, you see those flashing lights and you hope and pray they go around you. Then they don’t.

Want to avoid this situation? Here are some of the top reasons you might get pulled over…

# 1 – Speeding. You could guess this one, right? As you’ve probably noticed, most police officers allow a certain buffer. But as the cops that interviewed emphasized, it is always up to the individual police offer’s discretion.

# 2 – Equipment violations. According to, some of the most cited violations are: heavily tinted windows, burned-out headlights, broken windshields, expired tags and the lack of a front license plate.

# 3 – Cell phone. We all know it’s wrong, but we do it anyways. Texting while driving is enormously dangerous and in Ohio, texting is illegal.

# 4 – Driving like a crazy person. These are violations such as stop sign and stoplight violations, improper lane changes, illegal U-turns, failures to yield.

The inconvenience of getting pulled over and having to pay a fine is a good incentive to avoid all of these activities. But, doing so also keeps you and everyone else a lot safer. Isn’t that incentive enough?

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