Remembering the Buick Reatta, a Long-Lost Beauty

Remembering the Buick Reatta, a Long-Lost Beauty

Buick has produced a lot of gorgeous vehicles over the course of its existence. Some of these gorgeous vehicles, despite their undeniable beauty, for some reason just don’t make it. One of those sad cases is the beautiful Buick Reatta – which is why we are taking the time today for reminiscing and remembering the Buick Reatta.

1990 Buick Reatta - Remembering the Buick Reatta
Photo by: Bull-Doser

In 1990, the Reatta was Buick’s response to the huge popularity of European-styled luxury convertibles. The Reatta was clearly one of the most stylish and attractive drop-tops in the business and handled like a dream according to contemporary sources. It also featured the very en vogue, Japanese-style pop-up headlights, in case you forgot you were living in the 90s. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, it only lasted a few years in the States before production of the Reatta came to a halt.

Now, there’s never been a better time for remembering the Buick Reatta with the release of the all-new Buick Cascada, Buick’s first convertible since the Reatta.

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