Cool Car Hacks You Can Actually Try at Home

Cool Car Hacks You Can Actually Try at Home

Car Hacks - Bill Harris GM Car hacks, like life hacks, are MacGyver-esque ways of fixing or making things with resources you can generally find in your home. Instead of going out and finding expensive products for your car, try these out instead.

Toothpaste, amazingly, makes a great headlight cleaner. If your headlights are getting cloudy, smear some toothpaste on a cloth and wipe them down. You can also use hair conditioner to buff your car after a wash.

To cool your car off on a hot day, just roll one window down and open the opposite door several times to let the hot air out while cool air comes in through the window. You can suck out dents in your car by using a plunger and put clear nail polish on windshield breaks to slow progress of the cracking.

Oddly enough, if you’re having trouble finding your car and you’re too far away to use the panic button, you can put the key fob on your chin, which increases the range of the signal. Weird, right? There are tons of cool solutions to car dilemmas, so check out more here!

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