Road Tripping to Amusement Parks

Road Tripping to Amusement Parks

Cedar Point - Road Tripping to Amusement ParksIf you live in Mansfield, Ohio, or the surrounding area, you know that every Ohioan’s favorite place to visit in the summer is Kings Island and Cedar Point. For most of us they aren’t more than a couple hours away, so it’s definitely worth the day trip to ride the epic rides these parks have to offer. Road tripping to your favorite amusement park is fun for the whole family!

However, road tripping to amusement parks requires a different kind of preparation than most other road trips do. You’re going to be in the sun all day, so make sure you bring sunscreen, and since you’ll be at the park for hours you’ll want to bring snacks and water as well. Carry light—you don’t want to exhaust yourself in the heat—but make sure you have everything you need to last the day.

Try to plan your day in advance! Depending on when you go during the week, lines for rides will be long, so bouncing from coaster to coaster doesn’t really work. If you have food allergies or a special diet, research what kind of food the park has to offer. Dress light, and avoid dark colors that collect heat, especially if you get overheated easily. And wear comfortable shoes!

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