Ask Our Service Department About Our Car Detailing Packages

Ask Our Service Department About Our Car Detailing Packages

Car Detailing Packages - Bill Harris GM - SRX DetailWhat is the difference between cleaning your car and having it detailed? Simple — cleaning gets the basic gunk off, but detailing your car is having it deep-cleaned and polished to look as good as new. When it comes to detailing cars, we here at Bill Harris GM offer a variety of car detailing packages for you to choose from.


Clean Sweep – $15.99

A basic car wash from wiping down the exterior to vacuuming the inside.


Routine Detail – $19.99

A step up from the Clean Sweep, this features an interior vacuum and a laser wash for the outside.


Routine Plus Detail – $34.99

Not only will we hand-wash the exterior and vacuum inside, but we will also clean your windows.


Routine Extreme Detail – $59.99

Everything in the Routine Plus Detail package, plus we’ll even polish your vehicle for you.


Ultimately Clean Detail – $149.99

Our most inclusive package, this gets you the full car detailing experience, including steam cleaning the interior after vacuuming, cleaning the wheels and getting debris out of the undercarriage, and applying silicone to the weathered parts of the exterior.


If you have any questions about our car detailing packages, don’t be afraid to call us here at Bill Harris GM’s service department at (419) 289-2000.

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