How to Fix Car Dents

How to Fix Car Dents

How To Fix Car DentsDents in your car are unavoidable. Whether you accidentally bump into something or a person opens their door into your car, you will have to fix a dent at some point. To save yourself some time and money, here’s advice on how to can fix car dents on your own.

Use a Sink Plunger

If what you have is just a small or medium-sized dent, then all you need to fix it is a normal cup-shaped plunger for sinks. Get a bit of water on both the car and plunger, and then go to work just like you would on a sink.

Boiling Water

Sometimes you can simply pull the bumper off of your car and push the dent out, but other times you get a bit of resistance on it. Simply pour boiling water over your plastic bumper to make it a bit more malleable, and then push the dent out.

Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

Turn up the hair dryer as hot as it can go before turning it on the dent. The hot air causes the plastic to expand, and then you can get cold air out of the can by turning it upside down. The cold air will cause the plastic to contract, pulling out the dent with it.

All of these solutions are simple, cost-effective ways of dealing with dents so that you don’t have to spend half of your paycheck just because someone dented your car. If you don’t want to try one of these methods, bring your car into our service department and let our highly-trained technicians take care of it for you!

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