How to Use Apple CarPlay

How to Use Apple CarPlay

How to use Apple CarPlayTexting and driving is one of the most serious safety hazards that we see on the road today. Apple is attempting to squash the epidemic one car at a time with Apple CarPlay. The idea is that it is safer to glance at this screen to access your phone than to try to search your phone while driving. To introduce you to the revolutionary new system, here is a guide on how to use Apple CarPlay.

Instead of using a stock interface on your dashboard, CarPlay seeks to integrate Apple products into all types of different vehicle systems. To use it, all you have to do is simply connect your phone via a lightning cord, and then your screen displays your phone icons.

Once you’ve connected your device, you can then access all kinds of different apps and information from your phone. You can use apps like Pandora to play music, or you can talk with Siri to get directions. You can also access your text messages, and you can respond to those messages with your voice.

The CarPlay system is only available for the iPhone 5 device and newer, and it does not currently support iPad use. If your car isn’t outfitted with the technology, you can purchase an aftermarket edition for about $300.

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