What to Keep in Your Car This Winter for Warmth and Safety

What to Keep in Your Car This Winter for Warmth and Safety

Car In Winter | Ashland, OHFor drivers, the winter months can be dangerous at worst and annoying at best, with snow and ice creating ominous road conditions and covering your windshield. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare, including the stocking up of various essentials inside your vehicle.

You can prepare yourself by checking out this list of what to keep in your car in winter:

  • First and foremost, get yourself a quality ice scraper, which will save you time when you first leave home. You may even want a shovel, if your car tends to get buried.
  • Similarly, a bottle of windshield deicer can really make the difference in your timeliness, especially if you tend to forget the time it takes to clear your windshield.
  • Keep an extra pair of gloves, an extra hat, and maybe even a spare coat ready in your car, in case you ever forget or incorrectly predict the temperature.
  • In fact, you may want to have a warm blanket tucked away in the trunk, in case you are ever in a chilly emergency situation.
  • Lastly, LED flashers or even flares will help you flag down help from the side of the road, if you ever find yourself in need.

For more winter driving tips, or to explore a new winter-ready vehicle just in time, contact us or visit us anytime at Bill Harris GM!

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