Keeping Pets Safe During Long Road Trips

Keeping Pets Safe During Long Road Trips

Keeping Pets Safe During Road Trips in Ashland, OH
Keep Your Dog Safe!

Going on a road trip and bringing the family dog along? Here are a few tips for keeping pets safe for the long haul.

Go to the vet

If it’s been awhile since you took your companion to a checkup, now’s the time to do so. Make sure they’re up to date on vaccinations.

Plan for breaks

Check the weather ahead of time and make sure you plan your route to make accommodations for stopping periodically. Your pet will need bathroom and food breaks! It’s recommended that you take 15-30 minute breaks every 4 hours.

Make sure lodging is pet-friendly

Not all hotels are cool with a family pet staying the night, so make sure you know the details about your accommodations ahead of time.

Get a certified crate & pack a dog bag

The safest way for a family pet to travel is in a certified, crash-tested crate; a dog allowed to run free in the car may seem cute, but can quickly become a safety hazard. You should also pack some carry-on items like a food bowl and food, water bottles and a water bowl, toys, a flea comb and tick remover, any medication the dog may need, and whatever else you deem necessary.

Be consistent

Above all, stick as close as possible to your dog’s everyday routine and keep to the same schedule you have at home.

Dogs are some of our favorite companions to take in the car with us, but keeping pets safe takes priority, especially on long trips. We at Bill Harris GM recommended you follow these guidelines so your pet can stay healthy and happy on the road.

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