Tailgating Tips for This Football Season

Tailgating Tips for This Football Season

It’s football season, which means one thing when you’re a diehard football fan in Ohio: tailgating. Whether you’re out supporting your favorite college or professional football team, make sure you do it right with these tailgating tips.

tailgating tips

Pack smart: Fill your cooler with cans and bottles first, add a layer of ice, and place food containers and baggies on top. Don’t forget to bring paper plates, napkins, and plasticware—and then trash bags to clean up when you are finished. If using multiple coolers, add labels to the lids of each so everyone knows where the water and beer are.

Set up smart: Be efficient and effective. Use very specific balloons that your friends will recognize from far away to find your car. Position your grill so that it won’t blow smoke into your friends’ faces, and consider using an empty laundry detergent dispenser as a hand-washing station. Use a truck or SUV with a large trunk area for your main setup, or bring several large tables to display your food.

Have fun: Most importantly, don’t forget the music, the drinks, and some games, like cornhole and—of course—a football to toss around. Just be sure to enjoy responsibly, always having designated drivers and first-aid kits on site.

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