Driving Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Driving Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

4th of July

The Fourth of July is one of the worst days for drunk driving, and that makes it a dangerous time to be on the road. It’s estimated that nearly 43 million Americans will travel on the holiday, which makes it all the more perilous. If you’ll be one of the many, many Americans hitting the road for the Fourth of July, keep these tips in mind to ensure safe travels.

Leave a gap

The three-second rule is a bit of driving safety knowledge that’s been around for a while. Even so, many drivers don’t adhere to the rule. Be sure that you are keeping an adequate, safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you—in high-traffic situations, that could be the difference between a safe stop and a collision.

Rest up

Driving while tired is a recipe for disaster. That’s why you should plan to get plenty of sleep the days before hitting the road. Battle fatigue by taking breaks and rotating drivers while traveling, especially if you’re covering a great distance.

Get inspected

Having a professional technician inspect your vehicle prior to taking a Fourth of July road trip can ensure that everything is in working order. There’s nothing worse than suffering a breakdown on a hot afternoon on your way to a fun gathering.

Because of the high frequency of drunk driving on the Fourth, it’s also important to consider two things: always have a designated driver if you plan on traveling and be both defensive and aware of your surroundings. Stay safe out there, and from the team at Bill Harris GM, have a happy Fourth of July!

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