Tips for Picking Out a Car Seat

Tips for Picking Out a Car Seat

Tips For Picking Out A Car Seat

While transporting your family, you want to make sure that you’re maximizing safety in any way that you can. A simple and essential way to do this is to make sure your kids are sitting in an appropriate car seat and that it is installed correctly. Here are some tips for picking out the perfect car seat.

  • Do the research: There are a wealth of car seat options available to you, so you will want to spend some time reviewing them on reputable consumer and safety sites. More money does not necessarily mean better quality. You will also want to make sure that whatever model you select will work well with the vehicle you plan on using it in.
  • Consider which model is right for your child: Newborns should start with a rear-facing infant car seat and upgrade to a convertible seat by their first birthday. Depending on their height and weight as they continue to grow, you will then likely want to upgrade to a forward-facing booster seat. The NHTSA is a great resource for making sure that your seat of choice fits the needs of your child.
  • Consider longevity of use: Consider carefully the height/weight limits of whatever car seat you are considering purchasing, making sure it will last a decent amount of time before having to upgrade again. Some car seats are all-in-one and can be used by your child from birth to booster seat age, so this is an option as well.

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